“Who The Hell Does This?”: Bride Is Flabbergasted To Discover A Wedding Guest Took 10 Containers Of Food From The Wedding And Left A $5 Gift.

Weddings are intended to be celebrations of love, not occasions to take advantage of the newlyweds. It goes without saying that guests are expected to have a good time during the reception. However, read the story to know what a particular guest did at the wedding and let us know what you would have done in this situation.

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My husband and I had a very small wedding ceremony and reception, probably about 25 people were invited Only close family and a handful of friends. I invited my dad’s bff, so he’d have someone to socialize with, other than my mom (since they literally spend 24/7 with each other), plus his friend has always been good to me. Anyway, a few days before the wedding, my dad’s friend asked him if it’s okay if his daughter and her husband came, and I didn’t have a problem with it.

So she shows up, without her husband, but with about 10 Tupperware containers. TO TAKE FOOD. We had a buffet style wedding (I’m Polish in Western PA, and it’s kinda tradition in our area) and we had a cookie table (look it up – also tradition, and amazing). She loaded up 7 Tupperware containers with food to take home, took about 3 containers of homemade cookies, a couple of bottles of beer, and most the centerpieces.

I didn’t notice any of this, because I was too busy with the whole wedding – but my dad told me about it the next day. And when we opened up our “gift” from her – she gave us $5. Not even kidding. A five dollar bill.

Before anyone asks, she’s not poor by any stretch of the imagination. She’s probably better off than I am, and I’m assuming it’s because she just freeloads from anyone and everyone she can! But seriously! Who does that?

What would you do in her situation? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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