Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Sexually Assaulted Her with Liquor Bottle

Amber Heard revealed a supposed argument in which she alleges Johnny Depp beat her with a alcohol bottle in her testimony against him on Thursday.

Following their marriage, the couple spent time together in Australia while he was filming the fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film. She claims he became physically abusive with her very soon after they arrived, recounting a series of purported fights they had in the first days there.

During an altercation “about his drinking,” Heard said he taunted her by holding a bottle of wine in his hands. When she finally got it out of his grasp, she threw it to the ground, which she described as “really setting him off… it was like a light switch went off.”

He then began hurling bottles at her, she said, and at one point “had a smashed bottle up to my face-neck region.” He allegedly threatened to “carve up my face,” according to her. He then ripped off her nightgown, according to her, and she ended up on her back on a counter. According to Heard, he then started to penetrate her with a glass bottle.

She stated that he threatened to f***ing murder her. He repeated that to her several times. Johnny had the bottle inside of her and was repeatedly putting it inside of her.

Heard stated that she is unsure how the event finished, and that she just remembers “standing in the bathroom, retching,” and seeing blood on the floor. She claimed to have wounds on her forearms and feet, as well as an injury across her mouth.

The following morning, Heard claimed she awoke to see blood and paint writing all over the walls of the house, before discovering Johnny with his hand wrapped. She said he told her, ‘she forced him to do, he did this for her,’ however she had no memory of anything happening to his finger. Heard stated that they alerted security before he began “screaming again.”

When security came, Depp “pulled his penis out of his pants and started urinating, or attempting to urinate outside of the home, stating he had more messages for her. Heard went on to say that his security detail seemed to shrug it off at the moment.

She departed soon after, claiming Depp contacted her on the way to the airport while they were both weeping on the phone. “He inquired if he had killed it, he was asking, is it done, is this finished, did we kill it, did I kill it,” she explained.

Heard went on saying she felt shattered, as if her heart had been broken. She had no idea what to do. She feared that if she left him in Australia, something might happen to him. She assumed he was going to die or commit suicide since that was the path he was on.

Her testimony is still being heard.

Depp is demanding $50 million in damages after Heard alleged in an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018 that she was a survivor of domestic violence. While she did not identify Depp in the article, his attorneys claim it was supposed to be about him and harmed his profession. Depp was countersued for $100 million.

The actor already lost a case in the United Kingdom over the identical piece that was published in The Sun.

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