The Last Words That Robin Williams Said To His Wife “Still Echo Through My Heart Today”, She Reveals.

Robin Williams gave his wife a lovely weekend before his death, doing everything they loved together. It was the second weekend in August of 2014, and Susan Schneider Williams was beginning to believe that the “terrorist” within her husband’s head was settling down. Despite her “personal” and “heart wrenching” experience, Robin Williams’ went up about her husband’s death in order to aid the many individuals experiencing  from the same ailment that her husband was facing.

She expressed that her husband Robin Williams suffered from the little-known but devastating Lewy body disease (LBD). In 2014, he committed suicide at the conclusion of an extreme, perplexing, and relatively brief persecution at the hands of this disease’s symptoms and pathology.

Susan claimed that her husband’s demise came as a complete surprise to her as she was just beginning to see a difference in him.

She continued as the second weekend in August neared, it appeared his delusional looping was slowing down. Perhaps the medicine change was effective. They did everything they wanted on Saturday and into the evening, and it was perfect like one continuous date. Towards the end of Sunday, she had the impression that he was improving.

Before they headed out to rest that night, Robin Williams told his better half his last words to her, which she could still hear long after he died.

According to Susan Schneider Williams, “When we went to bed, my husband whispered to me, ‘Goodnight, my love,’ and waited for my typical response: ‘Goodnight, my love.’ His comments continue to ring in my ears to this day. Robin had left on Monday, August 11.”

Robin Williams’ Wife Speaks

Robin WIlliams left this world far too soon…

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His star-studded life, which had as many ups as downs, ended prematurely at the age of 63.

Susan Schneider Williams stated in a statement that this morning, she lost her spouse and closest friend, and the world lost one of its most adored artists and lovely people. She is completely saddened. It is hoped that when he is remembered, the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the innumerable moments of happiness and laughter he brought to millions.

It was difficult for her to go through even the most mundane of tasks without him.  She stated time has never worked the same for me since Robin departed. Her  desire for purpose has spread like an unstoppable spring across practically every facet of her life, even the most ordinary.”

When questioned if time helped her with the suffering, she said, the anguish, nothing will ever go away. It’s the finest love she has ever imagined.

Robin Williams devoted his farewell Instagram post to his daughter, Zelda Rae Williams, only days before his death. “…Happy Birthday, Ms. Zelda Rae Williams!” he wrote. Today she is a quarter-century old, yet she will always be my baby girl. @zeldawilliams, happy birthday! “I adore you!”

When his daughter discussed his death , she said, “We don’t have an explanation.” It’s pointless to examine it… to blame yourself or the world. It took place.” She continued “anyone who has ever lost someone tries extremely hard to keep that memory alive in a good way.” 

Remembering Robin Williams

One year after the death of Robin Williams, we’re remembering some of his greatest moments on TODAY.

Posted by Today Show on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

His absence is felt not just by his loved ones, but also by thousands of individuals who shared his laughter. His daughter remarked,a lot of people miss him. The part of him that people know and love are the roles he had so much joy playing. She believes that’s what a lot of people will cling to. That’s not going anywhere. They knew a father who was proud of them. He placed a high value on laughter.

Robin Williams is one of the finest actors who will be forever missed and cherished. 

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