Dwayne Johnson Was Just 15 When He Saw His Mom Try To Kill Herself By Walking In Front Of Cars On Interstate 65

Some events mold us and teach us lessons that we would not have learned otherwise. It will open our eyes to reality and assist us in prioritizing our lives. Dwayne Johnson, often known as “The Rock,” experienced a life-changing event at a young age. It altered him and his outlook on life.

Johnson remembers his mother’s suicide attempt when he was 15 years old. He  recalled the facts of the incident when participating on Oprah’s Master Class. He stated that it was a difficult period for his family, and that they had relocated from California to Tennessee owing to his father’s employment.

He remarked that he’ll never forget that. It was probably around 1 p.m. at the time. They were three in a restaurant when they got into it. He stated that his parents had a fight in the restaurant. They got into a huge brawl. It wasn’t physical, but it was a lot of bickering, the 47-year-old explained. The family split up since the fight was so heated.

Dwayne Johnson: The Day My Mother Attempted Suicide

The day he witnessed his mothers suicide attempt 👏

Posted by Motivation on Monday, April 25, 2016

He stated that they left in two vehicles. He drove one automobile and his parents drove another. He did note, though, that they had not ceased fighting. His father eventually pulled over to the side, and his mother, Ata, did the unexpected. She proceeded to stroll towards the automobiles on the main road. Johnson didn’t waste any time and ran straight to his mother’s aid.

In an emotional Instagram post, the actor remarked that his mother attempted to leave when he was 15 years old. She stepped out of the automobile on Nashville’s Interstate 65 and walked into oncoming traffic. Big trucks and automobiles swerving out of the path so they don’t hit her. Johnson added that he grabbed her and dragged her back into the gravel shoulder of the road.

The family guy went on to add that the experience forever affected him. He recalled she didn’t say anything. One of the biggest things he has  ever learned was how valuable life is and how it can all go in a heartbeat.  It transformed him,  the former wrestler remarked.

He also stated that his mother had no recollection of the incident. The actor stated what’s strange about her suicide attempt is that she has no remembrance of it to this day.cIt’s probably best if she doesn’t. Johnson, who was deeply affected by the tragedy, urged people to assist those in need. “We must always try our best to pay attention when individuals are suffering. Help them through it, get them talking’ about the battle and remind them that they’re in good company,” said the dad of three.

Dwayne, who adores his family, has frequently expressed how much he values them. He is also known to lavish gifts and attention on his mom and late father. Knowing the difficulties they had as a family, he ensures his mother’s comfort and happiness in life.

Mr. Johnson was definitely an angel for his mom.  

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