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Andie MacDowell responds to criticisms that gray hair makes her look old.

Andie MacDowell just let her hair gray, and she doesn’t care what anybody thinks.

MacDowell, 64, is a well-known actress who has appeared in films such as Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Groundhog Day, and Four Weddings and a Funeral. Although many actors color their hair as they get older, MacDowell has recently embraced her gray hair.

Although many individuals are afraid of their first gray hair, MacDowell said she was pleased to finally pull off the mature appearance, which she had anticipated when she was younger.

MacDowell said that she felt the concept of a type of salt and pepper would fit her. She figured it would look fine on her face. Then, as it began growing out during COVID, she realized she was correct. likes how it looks on her.

When it grew out, her eyes popped, and the hue of them changed somewhat. She loved how her skin looked better, MacDowell said. And there was a sensation that it gave her greater power. She felt more strong, more honest, and more like herself.

During COVID, her hair began to turn gray, and her girls were staying next door to her. They saw her all the time, and they’d remark to her, ‘You look badass, and you’ve got to maintain this,’ she previously told. She must say that she has never felt more gorgeous. She is not suggesting that everyone should go do this, but it works for her.

The actress claimed she’s received remarks about her gray hair making her “appear older,” but she’s OK with looking her true age.

Does one believe she appears 75 just because she let her hair gray? In reaction to the critiques, MacDowell said. She does not mind and aspires to be old. She is sick of pretending to be youthful. She does not want to be young. She has been young.

The actress has already spoken out against the unjust beauty standards that actresses face as they age. She told that when she reached 40, an interviewer asked her how she felt about growing older and “losing her attractiveness.”

She said she couldn’t believe it. She told her she does not think she is losing her beauty; it’s simply a new sort of beauty. Humans change and age, and this is a natural part of the process. Aging does not mean losing one’s attractiveness.

She added that she believes aging is something that one has to determine whether one likes it or not. It’s a decision. She likes that people are accepting of her aging. She believes it’s an essential lesson for all as one grows older and realizes how lovely one is.

Andie MacDowell looks stunning with gray hair, in our opinion! Thank you for showing the ladies that it’s alright to accept their age!

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