Angry Customer Flings Drink At Pregnant Fast Food Worker But Good Samaritan Makes It Right.

No worker should ever endure any evil behaviour. Be it in any field treat one other with respect and kindness.

Bryanna was a pregnant staff member who was working at McDonald’s in suburban Atlanta. An impolite, angry customer approached the drive thru window and threw soda at Bryanna simply because it wasn’t what he wanted.

Feroza Syed who saw this since she was the next customer in line was speechless and could not accept the awful behavior. When Feroza approached the drive thru she gave Bryanna a cash tip and offered to call the police and left to get the man’s license plate. When she returned back she realised Bryanna was pregnant.

Feroza had a wonderful idea and organised an online registry for Bryanna’s baby. By 24 hours people donated $1,700. Bryanna was overjoyed and happy with the love and care showered upon her.

The two spent time together and also posted a few pictures on Facebook.

This is my new friend B., on last Friday afternoon I was getting some fast food at a local McDonald’s when the man in…

Posted by Feroza Syed on Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Feroza acted as a good samaritan and there should be more people like her. Just being a little humble, kind and caring goes a long way. We can all make our world a better place if we all treat each other with gentleness. 

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