Best Way To Deal With The Man Who Forced A Woman For A Date.

Social media has its own advantages and disadvantages. When a woman says No it does not mean try harder. You listen, understand what she said and respect the decision. (This story was sent to us by Teagan).

Source: Reddit

I recently rejoined Bumble and deleted it again within the space of 24 hours. The shite in the profiles (some of them not even trying to hide their hatred for women) was too much for me.

I saw a man I know vaguely through a friend of a friend, I recognised him immediately. I swiped left because I already know he has kids and wants more (he also stated as much in his profile), and I don’t want any kids at all. I don’t want to date a man who already has them because I don’t want kids in my life in any capacity and my profile makes that clear. Plus, I’m just not interested in him. Never have been.

Today he tracked me down on Facebook (we weren’t even friends on there) and sent me a message asking me, “when are you going to swipe right on me? I swiped right on you”. I explained that I have since deleted the app so won’t be swiping right any time soon. Then he sent me a string of messages asking me out for a drink. I said no, I had already seen him on the app and swiped left cause I’m simply not interested.

Queue a load more messages about giving him a chance and “you might like me if you got to know me”, and “this is why you’re single, because you write off nice men like me”. I told him if he genuinely was nice, he’d take my no for an answer and wouldn’t spend hours trying to convince me otherwise. Then I blocked him.

Now my friend is messaging me asking why I blocked him and “it’s just a drink, what’s the harm?”. Jesus wept, just accept the rejection and move on. If you don’t get a match with someone, don’t track them down on social media and harass them. Why is it such a difficult concept to grasp?

Finally decided to complain. Cops left with a warning and now my friend isn’t talking to me anymore who was telling “it’s just a drink, what’s the harm?. That’s fine with me, I feel better.

No MEANS No. Just accept the rejection.

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