Toxic Family Invites Son’s SO To A Fancy Dinner Just So She Can Pay For Everyone.

To be in a happy relationship with your fiance the in-laws too need to be good. What if the in-laws turn to be monsters in laws? In this story a woman got a last minute invite from her partner and his parents to join them in a very posh restaurant. But what they did to avoid paying the bill was something unjustified. Read below and let me know if you agree with the woman’s reaction. (This story was sent to us by Melody).

Source: Reddit

I f32 just got engaged to my fiance m37 Sam. We do not live together because we’re waiting til marriage, given he and his family are highly conservative Christians but they’re really nice and loveable people.

I had plans to spend NYE with Sam but he said he was out for NYE dinner celebration with his parents then called me again inviting me to join them and I happily did. His parents were there, <they welcomed me and ordered many dishes, desserts and drinks. We celebrated and had a great time until it was time to pay.

I pulled my wallet out of my bag letting them know that we’ll split the check between us. Sam mumbled “no you don’t have to, we invited you” but I insisted. He and his parents then stared at me; I asked what was wrong and both MIL & FIL said they didn’t have money on them.

I was shocked. I turned to Sam and he said he too forgot his wallet at home and didn’t bring enough money to cover even one round of drinks. His dad then laughed nervously “alright so I guess we should let the doctor pay!!”

I was taken a back. I said I’m sorry but no this is just so much money to spend on one dinner by myself and I didn’t think I was expected to pay the entire bill. Sam said I should pay and he’d pay me back later but I said no since I know he will have to get a job to pay that much money. I said I’m sorry but this isn’t the first time I’ve been put in this situation by him and family where I’m expected to rescue them after they somehow forgot their wallets and expect others to pay hundreds for their extravagant dinner.

I told them I’ll only pay for what I had and that’s it, he and his parents were shocked. They started arguing about how I have the potential to pay right there and then but I was acting as if they were strangers not family but that doesn’t mean I’m obligated to pay, how could someone go out to a fancy restaurant, order so many dishes, desserts and drinks without bringing money?. Sam begged that I just do it and call it a night but I refused. The argument got heated then I got up and walked out.

Sam called later at 2am basically yelling that I ruined NYE celebration and made his parents suffer because I refused to pay the entire bill and instead acted selfishly and paid only for myself after they were gracious enough to invite me.

I told him how unfair it was for me to pay even if I have a good salary doesn’t mean I want to spend it all on fancy dinner. He didn’t reply, he just said he’ll pray that my parents will let this go and not resent me after I basically damaged the relationship with them.

I felt awful thinking I should’ve covered the bill instead of leaving.

What would you do in that situation?

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