Woman Leaves Her BF After He Puts Her Through Series Of “Tests” To See If She’s Not With Him Only For His Money, Sister Thinks He Got What He Deserved.

Being wealthy with hard work is appreciated. But constantly checking if the love of your life is there with you for money is ridiculous. When in relation you don’t keep testing, you understand a person through his/her behavior, nature. (This story was sent to us by Ember).

Source: Reddit

My brother is a very hardworking man and at 27 he is now very wealthy and doing well for himself. He’s been with this girl for six months and throughout the time we have gotten close because we both like hair, makeup, and shopping. I never knew there was anything wrong with their relationship except when she texted me last week saying she would love to hang out but thinks it’ll be inappropriate because she and my brother broke up.

I asked her why and she said she was sick and tired of “auditioning” to prove she was with him for the right reasons. She went on to say that my brother is paranoid she’s after his money so he would test her like

1. Leaving out his bank statements on their bed and getting upset when she picked it up.

2. Going out to eat at high end restaurants he requested and leaving his wallet at home on purpose to make her pay the bill and prove she’s not going out with him for money.

3. Never buying her gifts and questioning her when she asks why he doesn’t.

I was shocked so I had to hear my brother’s perspective. We spoke and he told me everything she said was true and that there’s nothing wrong with making sure his girlfriend is with him for the right reasons. He said he left his bank statements on the bed and was peeking through the door to see if she would be curious and when he saw her pick up the papers he knew in his gut she was using him for his money, so he set up the restaurant idea to see if she would get upset at paying a 500$ bill which she was.

I asked him if he thinks her being an elementary school teacher would have contributed to her being upset at a 500$ bill at a restaurant he wanted to go to and he said no. He said the straw that broke was when she asked him why he hasn’t bought her a single gift since they’ve started dating when she bought him a gaming console and new rims for his car and he knew she was just discreetly asking him to buy her an expensive gift.

He confronted her and said he thinks she’s with him for his money so she said let me do us both a favor and dumped him and blocked him. He’s upset about the “gold digging” and when I laughed he started using cuss words. He said I would never understand what it’s like being a rich man and being used and I get that concern, but I told him if he thinks any woman will be okay with his tests and auditions he’s delusional as hell.

If he doesn’t want to be used for his money he should start dating people as wealthy as him or leave lower income people alone if he’s not going to be genuine in his relationships unless they pass his “test”.

What do you think about this rich man’s character?

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