Woman Explains Why To Lock Your Door Everytime You Get In Your Car After What Happened With Her.

Respecting any woman is one of the best qualities in a person. When she says NO means No. When she is alone make her feel safe and sound. (This story was sent to us by Alaina).

Source: Reddit

So, today I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning at the hospital. I get there and I begin to look for a space to park in when I see two men walking around and chatting in the parking lot. I immediately think it’s weird because there’s no reason for two guys to be hanging out in a hospital parking lot.

Anyway, they see my car and they both walk in different directions. I decide to ignore them since I was more preoccupied with getting to my appointment. As I make a right turn, one of the men walks by my car and decides to try opening my back passenger door. Luckily, my doors were locked!

When I looked behind at him, he smiled and gestured for me to roll down my window. I immediately said no, shook my head, and drove off. I decided to park further away than I intended to because it was really early in the morning and no one else was around. I was so scared to get out of my car and walk into the hospital in case he tried following me and harassing me.

After a few minutes, I got out and hoped I wouldn’t run into him again. Thank God I didn’t see him again as I was walking up to the hospital entrance. I was nervous going back to my car too, but I didn’t see either man after that and I got out of there as quickly as possible.

This was a really frightening experience. I keep thinking, what if my doors were unlocked? What would he have done? Would I have gotten robbed? Or worse?

Every time I get into my car, the first thing I do is lock my doors because I’ve heard of this happening to other women. Please be safe out there and lock your doors! You really can’t trust anyone anymore.

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