Woman Wondered Why Her Ex Called After 2 Yrs To Apologize.

(This story was sent to us by Selena).

Source: Reddit

It was extremely out of the blue, I just got a call from a number I didn’t recognize. When I picked up he sounded as if he’d been crying and said he wanted to apologize for how he’d behaved when we were together. Which I appreciated because he kind of dumped me out of the blue, and I later found out that he’d been talking to another girl at the same time.

I guess I’m just wondering what possesses people to do this so long afterwards. Not that I’m upset, but I honestly hadn’t thought of him for like a year. I’m in a really happy relationship with someone who thinks of the world of me.

We’re moving into an apartment together in two weeks! His call really just served to remind me how far I’ve come. I’m at a point in my life when I truly wish him well and was happy to tell him that I forgave him long ago.

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