Angry Judge Tells “I Agree With The Family & Hope You Die In Prison.”

A Michigan judge had some harsh words for a convicted murderer, sentencing her to life in prison while pleading, “I hope you die.”

Those were just a few of the venomous things hurled at Camia Gamet, 31, as she appeared in a Jackson courtroom, completely disregarding her stabbing victim and his family.

While her deceased partner Marcel Hill’s aunt entered the stand and passionately recalled the violence her nephew had undergone at the hands of Gamet, his impenitent killer cruelly interrupted. “Is that it?” she said brutally, eliciting gasps from the audience.

Judge John McBain, who looked to be fed up with her disdain, snapped.

“You will quiet down or I will have some duct tape put on it,” he yelped as Gamet quietly gestured with a sneer.

At the point when Gamet kept on opposing the appointed authority’s requests to remain silent, his outrage and loathing erupted. Judge John McBain yelped that in the flat she gutted him like a fish. She stabbed and stabbed and stabbed and continued stabbing till he died. The judge concur with the family. He hopes she also perishes in prison. He stated that if this were a death penalty state, she’d be on the receiving end of the chair.

The courtroom cheered as McBain read his punishment.

“God is wonderful. We all got what we want,” said a relative of Marcel Hill, who authorities say was assaulted and stabbed 11 times by Gamet.

Gamet’s attorneys want to appeal her conviction, claiming that she murdered Hill in self-defense.

Watch the video where the judge teaches this woman a lesson for life. 

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