Mom Shames 13-Year-Old Daughter On Facebook For Posing As 19.

Parenting isn’t an easy journey. It’s beautiful at the same time tough. Each parent knows what’s best for their child. Disciplining and making them understand their mistakes is important. Read this story to know what happened between the mother and her child and let us know if you agree with this mom’s ‘tough love.’

After learning her 13-year-old daughter was acting as a 19-year-old and uploading obscene photos, an enraged mother publicly humiliated her on Facebook.

In a video shared to the social networking site, the mother stands on a neighbourhood street in Denver, Colorado, close to her grieving kid, revealing the reality about her daughter’s lie to all of her Facebook ‘friends.’ The mother informed the camera that her daughter had lied about her age as well as sharing photos of herself in lingerie and applying make-up.

The mother then addresses her child,saying: “You’re 13 years old. So, why is it that your Facebook page says you’re 19? Are you 19 years old?” The girl in tears responded “No.”

However, the mother dismisses her daughter’s emotions, saying not to cry as she was not sobbing while uploading images on Facebook. She continues that her daughter still has a bedtime and that she is  still a Disney Channel fan before requiring her kid to prove it in front of the camera.

She then informs her daughter that she would be staying home all summer to read, with no access to TV and no time to interact with her friends. Turning back to the camera, the enraged mother confronted the males who had befriended her daughter on social media.

She stated that she’s a kid, and she’ll stay that way. And she’ll do anything her mother will say as long as she’s living under her roof.

Mom checks her 13 year old daughter for lying about her age and acting grown on Facebook 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

Posted by Lifesbook_ceo on Thursday, 11 April 2019

The video is five minutes and forty seconds long and has been seen over 11 million times since it was shared on Facebook.

Large number of viewers have praised the woman, with one writing: “Wonderful, loving mother! Thank you, kid; one day you will appreciate all your mother accomplished for you.”

Others, however, have criticised the ‘tough-love’ approach, with one viewer commenting that something must be done, but not in this manner. That is the problem with the culture; no parenting skills are not acceptable.

Watch the video and let us know if you would use this tough love approach on your child?

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