Cancer Patient Asked Her Nurse To Adopt Her Young Son When She Died.

Oncology nurture Tricia Seaman has been applauded by a larger number of people throughout the long term, yet no quiet has at any point offered her a more prominent commendation than Tricia Somers. Eight years ago Somers expressed to a news channel that she felt at ease even before she even could say anything. It was almost as if someone had placed a warm blanket over her. She never felt any such thing or some other association with any other individual. Somers claimed to have encountered an angel.

Somers, a single parent with an 8-year-old child, Wesley, had recently learned that her disease was incurable and was in a hospital in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, when she met Seaman.

“How do you respond to someone?” Seaman stated regarding her patient’s diagnosis at the moment. “She’s  a 45-year-old mother. So I simply hugged her and she said, ‘I have something I need to ask you. Would you be able to take my child? Will you raise him on the off chance that I pass on?”

The two women had never met before. Despite this, Seaman, her husband, and their family agreed. Somers passed away not long after. And eight years have passed since then.

Wesley has just turned 16 and has obtained his learner’s permit. Before his mother died, he received things that he could open as he grew older. Most recently, he received a key chain in preparation for the purchase of his first automobile. In subtle ways, the nurse and patient are still co-parenting the youngster.

Wesley said of his mother that he believes it was the only thing she could think of. He is grateful to her each day for making that decision.

And the women’s collaboration appears to be paying off. Wesley, according to Seaman, is a straight-A student and a wonderful kid. She stated that he’s outstanding. But the most important thing about him is that he has such a nice and loving heart.

Truly, how should he not? He’s been moved by heavenly messengers.

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