Armed Carjacker Pulls 59-Yr-Old Man From Vehicle, But This Was No Ordinary Victim.

In Philadelphia, an armed carjacker chose the wrong motorist to rob from, as the victim, a 59-year-old prison officer, had been trained for a situation like this. According to Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small, the victim informed arriving authorities that he left a friend’s house just before 11 p.m. and entered his white Toyota Avalon automobile.

Small told the station that the victim was then dragged from his vehicle at gunpoint and “carjacked.” The carjacker wore a medical mask and a sweatshirt. But, the off-duty prison officer’s instincts evidently kicked in, and he wasn’t going to let the thief walk away with his Toyota Avalon.

As the carjacker entered the vehicle, the victim pulled out his own revolver and fired at least five times at the perpetrator, according to Small. The carjacker then fled in the stolen vehicle, but less than a half-hour later, police discovered the stolen vehicle approximately a half-mile away, according to authorities. The evidence at the scene revealed that the prison officer had injured the carjacker. That car was discovered with five gunshot holes in it, as well as a lot of fresh blood within the driver’s seat and on the centre console, Small said.

Bullets were also claimed to have entered the driver’s side glass and door, as well as the windscreen, and the car was verified to be the prison officer’s. The investigators felt the accused required medical assistance after noticing the fresh blood, and their next step was to explore local hospitals. That appeared to be the case when a man arrived at a hospital with at least two gunshot injuries to his arms, according to Small, who added that police were attempting to determine if the injured man was the carjacker.

This scenario is comparable to that of another pair of robbers who opted to target the wrong persons. No joke: Robbers strolled into a club packed with off-duty officers, Joseph McInnis III, 21, and Tyree McCoy, 22, stole a Maryland pub packed with hundreds of off-duty police for a cop retirement party.

Armed robbers broke into the take-out area of Monaghan’s Pub in Woodlawn, Maryland. They held up an employee at gunpoint before fleeing with an undisclosed sum of cash. At that time, the individual behind the counter understood there was a police officer retirement party going on, so they went into the other area and notified the cops to the fact that they had just been involved in an attempted burglary, Baltimore County Police Officer Jennifer Peach explained.

Off-duty cops at the party rushed out and apprehended the males. Based on the article, they were charged with armed robbery and possession of a pistol and were being detained without bond at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Owner of Monaghan’s Pub Jack Milani believes it’s strange that somebody would try a heist when a police station is across the street. He claims that several squad vehicles come and go inside the station during shift changes, and that many of the cops are frequent customers.

According to Cpl. Shawn Vinson, the celebration was for David Neral, who had been with the Baltimore Police Department since 1988. It simply goes to show that cognitively challenged criminals aren’t going away anytime soon, but happily the “good people” triumphed, and as these two incidents indicate, crime doesn’t pay.

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