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Neil Diamond Turns 82 — He Works Out, Takes His ‘Meds’ And Is Supported By Younger Wife And 8 Grandkids.

Neil Diamond will be 82 years old on January 24, 2023! The artist may be closer to 90 years old, yet he was still active in the music industry, offering his talent with old and new followers.

Neil’s Instagram account posted a video of him taking the stage in a surprise appearance on the opening night of “Beautiful Noise” on December 7, 2022. The musician seemed to be in good health as he entertained the audience with his songs.

He sang “Sweet Caroline” with the cast of the musical. But, in January 2018, the celebrity postponed the third leg of his 50th-anniversary tour and announced his retirement due to Parkinson’s illness.

Neil admitted a few months later, in August, that he hoped he could play live again. The singer has been living a calmer life since retiring, yet has kept busy exercising and staying healthy.

The musician acknowledged facing difficulties as a result of his diagnosis, yet he remains hopeful. He explained how he felt better every day, how he handled his diagnosis as best he could, and how he planned to keep making music.

Neil was recognised at the 24th annual Keep Memory Alive Power of Love Gala fundraiser on March 9, 2020, in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena. He entertained the audience by singing songs like “Cracklin’ Rosie” and “Hello Again.”

“Love on Rocks,” “September Morn,” “I Am…I Said,” and “Forever in Blue Jeans” were also performed by the singer. Neil once said that he enjoyed the connection he had with the audience, describing it as part of “the excitement.”

He said “a little magic” and pledged to keep going. What he liked best about performance was that it unfolded in time, and he couldn’t express it since one had to be present when it transpired.

The great performer stated that he needed to enable himself to connect with his audience. He would enable his bond with the audience to “express itself” as a “powerful instrument,” although Neil was fortunate to have a supportive family, especially his eight grandkids.

The star’s grandkids varied in age from five to 22 in 2022. The musician was also resolved to play live again one day, yet he understood that, despite his passion of performing, it might never occur.

The singer expressed his desire to do more gigs, yet admitted that he’d come a long way and had to deal with his destiny. He understood he’d gotten to this level by chance and planned to compose some new songs about it, but he was just content to be alive.

Neil stated he was emotionally “in disbelief” about his diagnosis since he felt “good” most of the time. He said that he wasn’t coping with it and claimed he didn’t believe he was in ignorance.

The artist has been making songs since he was a teenager and didn’t get uncomfortable while he was on stage. Rather, he relaxed and felt liberated, albeit he admitted that it was not without its difficulties.

Nevertheless, he felt good about it and got better every day. His long-term and loving wife was one of many who helped him get through the tough moments.

Katie McNeil Diamond, Neil’s third wife, was born in 1970, making her significantly younger than him. She worked as a producer on films such as “Heart: Alive in Seattle” in 2003, “Underneath Acoustic Live” in 2004, and “Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj” in 2006.

Katie married her renowned husband on April 21, 2012. A month after the couple’s marriage, the singer admitted to being a demanding husband, saying that he wants someone that he loves and who loves him by his side. He has finally met someone who can handle becoming his wife since he is pretty high maintenance.

Neil explained that being high maintenance meant he needed a wife, partner, or somebody he could talk to right away. His manager wife had to put all she was doing on hold to satisfy his requirements.

The musician, on the other hand, returned the favour by ministering to Katie’s requirements. He had given up on marriage after his previous two marriages ended, but he was glad to have given love another shot.

He called his ex-wives “amazing ladies” and stated he had an opportunity to put things right with them. Their connection, though, did not succeed since he did not believe he could develop anything lasting and good with them.

Neil considered the notion that he was not capable of doing so back then. The actor stated that he was returning as he enjoyed being in a relationship with someone.

The legendary musician did not want to travel through life alone. Katie admitted that she was afraid to begin a romantic connection with Neil, yet she couldn’t help falling for him!

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