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Most of my friends don’t recognize these gadgets: Have you ever used one?

As technology advances at breakneck pace, ostensibly making our lives simpler by the minute, brilliant things from the past become increasingly outmoded. This appears to apply to practically every aspect of our existence, from music listening to getting from point A to point B. Yes, things are evolving.

This renders some ‘technology’ of the past a hazy memory, with future generations unable to fathom what some of the items we treasured back then were. Like these ‘coins’…

But do you know why they were there?

If you’re over a certain age and reading this, you might recognise these. Yes, those are ‘needle threaders,’ which were formerly a household need.

When were tiny girls taught to sew? These small things were quite useful in getting the thread into the eye of a needle.

This was included in every sewing kit, together with a needle, tape measure, scissors, pins, and a pincushion.

I recall my mother teaching me how to use them, though I can’t say I was ever very good at it. Were you?

Here’s some more trivia… Can you recall what they are? Please leave your comments on Facebook if you can figure out what they are…

Here are three more items that most of my pals will not recognise….

1. Oil can opener spout

These vintage opener sprouts were used to open tins of turbine engine oil and include a sheet metal spout. Oil spouts used to appear like hand shovels with a triangular metal component in the centre when oil came in cans rather than plastic bottles.

2. Church keys

Back in the day, before twist off or pull tabs, you had to have these… These instruments’ pointed edges were used to puncture beer and soda cans!

3. Record adapters

So, what exactly is this? It certainly appears more like a frisbee to youngsters, but these handy gadgets were used when you put the wrong size record on the record player, you could use one of these adapters to get it to fit.

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