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Rod Stewart makes sad announcement: “It’s with great sadness that I announce the loss of..”

Rod Stewart came to Instagram on November 30th to convey the sad news, revealing that Bob had died the night before.

The Young Turks singer went on to express his wish that Bob and Don, who died within months of each other, were playing football together in the skies.

The iconic British rock and pop artist made an emotional statement in which he characterised the two deaths as having taken away his two best pals.

It is with great regret that he reports the death of his brother Bob last night, who has gone to join his brother Don on the vast football field in the sky. He has lost two of his best friends in the last two months. Sir Rod Stewart said, RIP Don and Bob, irreplaceable friends.

Rod posted a similar message after the death of his older brother Don in September 2022, which contained a photo of a crown on a black backdrop.

Don died at the age of 94.

Rod joined a ceremony in January 2019 to commemorate the 90th birthday of his sister, Mary Cady. There, he paid respect to her and the now-deceased Don, calling them as vital resources on his path to success.

Rod grew up with four siblings, yet only Mary is now living after Bob died recently. In his autobiography, “Rod: The Autobiography”, Stewart described how his second sister, Peggy, had been “taken too soon”.

These folks have simply been fantastic throughout his life, the Scottish-born actor stated of his bond with his sister and brothers.

Rod Stewart, 78, is still travelling and will be performing in Florida shortly. Rod has always complimented his brothers for their encouragement, therefore 2023 will be a difficult year for him.

He would like to tell all that these people were crucial in motivating him, assisting him go into music, and just being there for him, he said in 2019, adding, if it was football or cleaning his filthy underpants, he can’t speak highly enough about these guys.

Rod has also fought with health concerns on several occasions. He was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2000, and the disease almost destroyed the voice that catapulted him to international fame.

He underwent surgery and survived, but his cancer struggle would have a long-term impact on his life. For instance he had to re-learn how to sing.

In 2019, the famous rock musician startled his followers yet again when he revealed that he has been secretly fighting prostate cancer. Rod discovered he had the condition after a regular examination in February 2016.

The singer chose to speak out during a Prostate Project and European Tour Foundation charity event in Surrey, England.

Thankfully, the singer was given the all-clear the next year.

He also advised others to be examined for the fourth most frequent disease, per the World Cancer Research Fund.

My heart goes out to him during this trying moment. Losing a family member is always tragic and excruciatingly terrible, yet losing two in such a short period of time… it leaves me speechless.

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