Art Teacher Responds to People Who Want Her Fired Because of Her Curvaceous Body

When we consider school dress rules, we generally think of rules for kids. However, a New Jersey art teacher has gone viral for the form of her body and how she dresses it. Her dress has sparked such outrage that some are advocating for her dismissal from school.

When photographs of “The Art Teacher” @toyboxdollz in the classroom began circulating on social media, she became the focus of discussion all across the internet.

The professor in question is a curvy lady who frequently publishes photographs and videos of herself teaching on social media. While the majority of the responses are pleasant and joyous, several ladies objected to her being a teacher.

“Taking booty pics in a child’s classroom yah don’t think you’ll be a teacher for long have a nice one,” one person said.

“Get her out, youngsters don’t need to see the results of your surgery to think you’re sexually enticing,” another person said.

Not all supported her dismissal. Nonetheless, some individuals believe her Instagram feed promotes anything other than her artwork.

“Chile this is crazy she knows what she’s doing getting her body done like this it doesn’t even look beautiful or natural seek some assistance,” someone said.

“You have no control over your physical form, “someone else wrote “However, you have control over what you wear and how you pose. Back photos of teachers in form-fitting clothes? You should usually keep your personal information on a separate page.”

However, the comments criticizing this woman and her articles were few and far between. Along with the males who liked the art teacher’s figure, there were those who supported her freedom to wear whatever she pleased.

“With all that is going on in the world today, individuals are concerned about how a teacher seems and what she wears. Some folks need a LIFE!” one commenter defended her.

An Instagram user commented on one of the pupils’ posts, saying, “They look focused on work to me!”

While older kids may find the art teacher’s body bothersome, many claim that preschool and kindergarteners aren’t concerned with body parts just yet.

With all of the online debate around her photographs, the art instructor turned to Instagram to express her feelings and appreciate those who are encouraging her from all over the world.

One issue she wants to address is the moms at her school, she wrote. Among those mothers are some of her strongest supporters at her specific school where she is an actual teacher. She has seen some of these mothers beneath these reports supporting her reputation without her saying a word.

Regarding those who are bothered by her look, the art instructor remarked, it is frightening and mind-boggling to her that this is actually a thing. She also stated that, contrary to popular belief, it is not only women or moms who are asking for her dismissal. She first dismissed all of the remarks, but now she admits that they are starting to bother her.

With all of the attention she and her Instagram profile are getting, the art instructor is collecting payments in the form of Instagram Live badges. The funds she generates will be used to purchase school equipment as well as to support an organization that concentrates on art therapy for youngsters.

She strives hard every day to provide a positive example for her children.  For her family, her pupils, and her children, the art instructor explained. She knows she’s an excellent teacher at the end of the day. She claims that kids email her asking for homework, which is how she knows she’s amazing.

She is appreciative despite all of the attention, both favorable and bad. She is overjoyed and is still teaching,  still working,  still speaking her truth, still quite popular. She is pretty happy with how her life is turning out, she remarked.

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