Mother Who Stomped On Her Toddler For Making A Mess With Biscuit And Chips Avoids Jail Time.

A woman of two small kids reportedly subjected her two-year-old daughter to terrible brutality in July, resulting in major bleeding and a laceration in the liver tissue.

She lost her cool when she spotted her daughter and elder son making a mess in the kitchen with potato chips and cookies. During the “very traumatic” encounter, the mother is reported to have stomped on her daughter before momentarily departing the room. When she returned to the room, she found her daughter “slightly conscious” and progressively going blue, as per Judge Judith Kelly.

When the woman’s husband arrived after hearing hysterical cries, she acknowledged stepping on the baby since “the youngsters kept getting into everything and trashing (her) property.”

After the violent assault, her husband carried their little baby to the Royal Darwin Hospital, where the child spent four nights healing. “Your daughter may have perished without the therapy of fluid resuscitation and attentive monitoring,” Justice Kelly told the mother. “It is astonishing that a mom would harm her baby kid. Kids have the right and obligation of getting both affection and security from their parents, particularly their mom.

The woman testified in court that she suffered from PTSD, anxiety, and postpartum depression after giving birth to her child. She said that her marriage was “disappointing.” After pleading guilty in court, the 26-year-old mom’s two-year and three-month prison term was totally suspended.

Following the horrific occurrence, she spent many nights in the hospital’s psychiatric unit, blaming her mental health difficulties for what transpired. As per court evidence, she is undergoing treatment to cope with her mental health and emotional concerns. The incident devastated the small kids, and their dad gave up his job in the navy to care for them.

According to the 2016 ABS Personal Safety Survey (PSS), more than 2.5 million Australian people (13% of the population) had been physically or sexually abused as kids (ABS 2019). Individuals who had experienced both physical and sexual abuse were generally younger than those who had only experienced physical or sexual abuse at the time of the first incident (average age of 6.8 years compared with 8.1 and 8.8 years, respectively).

Anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, suicide, and self-inflicted wounds were assessed to be some of the diseases directly connected with child maltreatment and neglect in 2015, accounting for 0.5% of all fatalities and 2.2% of the disease and injury burden (AIHW 2019b). There would have been 26% fewer suicides and self-inflicted injuries, 20% fewer depressive disorders, and 27% fewer anxiety disorders in 2015 if no one in Australia had ever experienced child abuse and neglect throughout childhood (AIHW 2019b).

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