Aunt Lashes Out At Her Teen Nephew Then Acts Stunned When His Mom Tells Her To Pack Her Bags And Leave.

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My son (17m) loves the water. Ever since he was little, he’s always wanted to be either at the beach or the pool. He loves to swim, surf etc and I mean it when I say it’s his favorite thing.

We live near a beach, so sometimes he’ll just go sit at the beach for a while. It’s something he’s been doing since he was 12.

My sister and her kids were visiting, and it was going fine.

But then I noticed my son was never home. I asked him about it, and he said that it’s just really overwhelming at the house because his cousins never leave him alone (they’re 8 and 9 year old girls that adore him) so he just goes to the beach to avoid them. I told him I understood and talked to my sister who said she’d talk to them.

Well yesterday I came home to my nieces sitting in the living room watching a movie. My son and sister were nowhere to be found. Neither of them were answering the phone either. I’m not usually concerned, but my son always sends me a text or answers my phone calls at least.

I got the girls and went to the beach and found my son at his usual spot. But my sister was there too and she was yelling at him. She said something along the lines of “you do realize that you aren’t in some film where the main character‘s like connected to the sea or has magic ocean powers, right? “Like… you realize that you aren’t like that Percy Jackson character and your dad isn’t some sea god?”

My son looked incredibly upset, and he has an explosive temper, so I knew he was about to say something crazy, so I immediately jumped in and asked my sister what the hell her problem was. She looked taken aback but said that she told my son to watch the girls while she went to get food, but when she came back, he wasn’t there and the girls were alone.

My son insists that he said he was busy, but my sister insists that he didn’t.

They went back and forth on this without letting me get a word in and I eventually just told my sister that this wasn’t working out and that if she was going to fight and argue with my son and mock him then she isn’t welcome in my home.

She looked shocked and said that I needed to stop coddling my son and stop feeding into his ridiculous delusions. I just told her to pack her sh*t. She said that her daughters will remember this and that I shouldn’t be surprised when no one wants the weird side of the family (meaning my son and I) around anymore. I feel bad because her daughters looked genuinely upset, and I mean my son could by lying as well. And idk maybe his love for the water isn’t healthy but that’s never crossed my mind before. Am I Wrong ?


I suppose the mocking doesn’t make sense without context. My child’s father left us. When my son was younger, my brother got him into the Percy Jackson books and my son got pretty attached to the character and would tell people that he was the character and would say that his dad was similar to Poseidon which is why he wasn’t around. I haven’t read the books so I don’t know the details but it was for a very short while when he was a lot younger. He hasn’t even mentioned Percy Jackson in years.

And to be fair to my sister, she texted me before leaving the girls and made sure I’d be there soon. I doubt she would’ve left if I wasn’t nearby.

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