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Five Guys Employees Refuse To Serve Police Officers, Franchise Owner Expectedly Decides To Terminate And Suspend Them.

A group of Daphne Police officers stopped into a Five Guys burger shop for a late-night meal while on patrol. The three Alabama cops were informed that their patronage was not welcome as quickly as they came into the eatery to place their order.

When the cops reached the restaurant foyer, a group of 6 or 7 employees apparently turned their backs on them. According to an officer participating in the incident, a worker declared flatly, “I’m not serving them,” indicating that the staff wished the cops to leave.

To avoid further escalation, the police exited the restaurant and went in search of another restaurant that would serve them. The Daphne Police Department then notified the firm about the event if they wished to take action.

The firm agreed to investigate the accusations and get back to the police department. The unexpected twist happened after the firm concluded that the employees did deny service to the cops.

Five Guys said that they had not only suspended and terminated all workers engaged in the event, however the firm had also temporarily closed for further education and customer service training with a member from the Daphne Police Department.

Five Guys and the Daphne, AL franchise want to thank the Daphne Police Department for their support in working together…

Posted by Five Guys on Friday, 10 July 2020

The Daphne Police Department expressed appreciation for the company’s prompt response and assistance. The agency stated in an official statement that they will keep to cooperate with the eatery and visit the establishment.

Both the police agency and the eatery have got an overflow of community support. Furthermore, the majority of social media users agreed with the company’s treatment of its employees as well as the officers’ elegance.

Most individuals have a positive attitude towards law enforcement personnel and dislike seeing them abused. Just as Five Guys has requested customers not to blame the corporation based on the behavior of former workers, cops around the country hope that people would not judge them due to the actions of a few.

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