Baby Dies After Mother Forgot To Drop Her At Daycare And Left Her Strapped In Her Car Seat.

A two-year-old child died when her mom failed to remember her and left her sitting in the car seat.

Before heading to work, the mother assumed she had taken her kid to Little Footprints Learning Center in Gluckstadt, Indiana, some 18 miles north of Jackson. When she came to pick up her kid, daycare employees informed her that she had not dropped her little girl.

According to Randy Tucker, Madison County Sheriff, the woman grew distressed and ran to her car, only to discover that her kid was still strapped in the car seat. He stated it was an awful mishap and that no charges appeared to be made based on the facts.

Authorities have not disclosed the little child’s or parents’ names. Other parents raced to get their youngsters when they heard what occurred.

‘I can’t even imagine how she feels,’ Lauren Johnston said. ‘It’s simply all-around terrifying.’

Matt Clem added that it’s horrible. He claims that it is every parent’s biggest nightmare because anyone can forget. That is his greatest dread as a parent. He’s been apprehensive all the time since he has three children. He can’t envision it.

May the little angel’s soul rest in peace. Hoping and praying God gives comfort, strength and peace to the family.

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