Woman Left Baby In Airport Bathroom With Heartbreaking Note: ‘I Just Want What Is Best for Him.’

According to a tragic message she left with the kid, a mother suspected of abandoning her infant in an Arizona airport toilet was unaware she was pregnant.

The hours-old newborn boy was discovered by a lady working for Avis Rent-a-Car in Tucson International Airport while wrapped in a dark jacket and laying on a changing table in a women’s toilet, according to Tucson Airport Authority Police (TAAPD).

Another Avis representative contacted 911, claiming that someone left an infant in the restroom with a letter.

The handwritten message started as if written from the infant boy’s point of view, before the note’s creator appealed for the child’s care. 

The message stated that to please assist the baby since his mother had no knowledge she was pregnant. She is incapable and unsuitable to care for him. Please take him to the authorities so that he can be placed in a nice home. She further added that she simply want what is best for him, not what is best for her. Please accept her apologies.

Because of the quantity of blood in the airport washroom and on the floor, a custodian told police he observed a woman in an airport bathroom who he suspected had just given birth. According to authorities, the woman informed the custodian that she was alright and that she had just had her period before swiftly exiting the facility.

Another janitor reported seeing bloodied garments at the bottom of a garbage can, while a Delta Airlines employee reported seeing a lady “acting out of place sitting on the chairs adjacent to Delta baggage claim.”

Surveillance footage acquired from the airport shows a lady thought to be the newborn’s mother heading toward an escalator leading to baggage claim and ground transportation.

Arizona is a “safe haven” state, allowing parents who are incapable to care for their babies to leave them at specified locations such as hospitals and churches.

Despite the fact that the airport is not a safe haven, law enforcement officials claimed there are no criminal charges filed against the unidentified lady.

TAAPD has depleted all of its own efforts, as well as those of the local law enforcement community and isn’t effectively searching for the lady, an airport police spokeswoman informed.

The child was taken to Banner University Medical Center, where he was viewed to be in good condition yet was sent to the newborn intensive care unit as a safeguard because of the conditions, according to officials. He is still being cared for by the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

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