Baby Kennedy Hoyle’s Big Sister Grieving the Deaths of Her Mom, Newborn: ‘All She Does is Cry,’ says Grandma

A Tennessee man has been accused of homicide after officials claim he lethally shot his two-day-old child’s mother and threw the infant into the Mississippi River. Brandon Isabelle, 25, was detained on two counts of first-degree murder, murder in the commission of aggravated abduction, and destroying or fabricating proof on Wednesday after police claim he confessed to killing Danielle Hoyle, 27, and putting their infant, Kennedy Hoyle, into the water.

Hoyle’s relatives informed officers that her infant had been with the lady, yet no kid was located in the car, according to authorities. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an Amber Alert for Kennedy, and the hunt started.

Kennedy’s car seat was discovered deserted in a Walmart parking lot hours later, but there was no trace of the infant. Police swiftly recognised Isabelle, Kennedy’s biological dad, as a suspect and arrested him.

During interrogation, Isabelle acknowledged ‘luring’ the mother of his kid to Whitehaven and lethally shooting her, according to an affidavit of complaint. According to the statement, he ‘further acknowledged removing the two-day-old infant out of Danielle’s vehicle, driving the kid to Island Park and the Upper Mud Island Boat Ramp, where he dumped the child into the water.’

Kennedy weighed only 6 pounds and stood 17 inches tall at the time of her death. There has been no explanation offered.

The 25-year-old suspect then informed authorities that he dropped the pistol that killed Hoyle into the Mississippi River and Wolf River Delta in Memphis. On Wednesday afternoon, law enforcement authorities were combing the Mud Island region of Memphis, along the Mississippi River, for Kennedy’s remains.

April Campbell, Kennedy’s distraught maternal grandmother, expressed that she barely got to hug her grandchild for 10 minutes. She currently wants the accused murderer of her daughter and granddaughter brought to justice. Campbell said that she wants him to suffer like he made her kid suffer. She does not want him to have an easy time of it… how could he hurt a child?’

Hoyle was a FedEx employee. She leaves behind a 10-year-old daughter.

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