Baby Orphaned After Parents Took Her To House Party Where They Died.

Aria Marquez, a four-month-old baby girl have been left orphaned after her parents Sam Marquez and Karina Rodriguez took her to a drug-fueled party where they ended up dying. 

Aria Marquez was found inside an apartment in Colorado close to the bodies of her parents alongside the remains of two other women and a man. An initial examination suggested the adults consumed a drug that may have been lace up with fentanyl.

The Police said that Aria is reportedly doing well and is in good health. Sam’s sister Cora was the only adult to stay alive and is now in hospital but reportedly does not recollect what happened.

The remains were found by Ian Scott who lives next door to the apartment. He said he had heard a party going on and he saw Cora wandering outside holding Aria in her arms and she was high as a kite.

Cora told Scott that she tried to revive one of her friends using an injection but when Salina who is Sam’s stepsister, arrived at the apartment she found them dead and Aria was just quiet and wasn’t crying at all. She only cried when she heard Salina.

Investigators believe they died after taking cocaine laced with fentanyl at the party after finding lines of the drug spread out. However, authorities are still waiting for the toxicology report to come back to fix the final cause of death. 

Investigators were seen in hazmat suits when entering the apartment to safeguard themselves from possibly swallowing the deadly opioid. 

Sam’s father said that they thought they were doing cocaine and they were unaware that the drug was laced with a much more powerful drug. Despite the tragedy, Dan said that his son loved his job and was always talking about his new daughter, Aria.

Karina also leaves behind an older son who was born during a previous relationship.

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