Mark Wahlberg Called His Mom Every Morning But Now She’s Gone.

Mothers are truly a blessing from God and we should not ever underestimate the power of a mother’s prayer for her children!

The last year was an emotional year for Mark Wahlberg, when his mom, Alma Wahlberg passed away. Mark opens up about his pain and how he misses his mom every single day.

Mark Wahlberg may be a big-time actor and no matter how busy Hollywood kept him but he always made sure to honor his mother’s request to call her every single day.

Once Mark Wahlberg made the promise to call his mom every day, he stood by it right up until his mother pass away at the age of 78. And with the shocking loss of his mom came the loss of their treasured daily routine too.

Mark said that it was constantly the first phone call that he made every single day for the last 10 years was to his mom. It is heart-breaking and tough to trust that he don’t get to make that phone call any longer.

Mark’s mother said sometime back in 2018 that he calls her from all over the world and every single day and she just not care what time of the day it is.

Family and belief are now of the supreme importance to the Mark but that wasn’t always the situation.

While growing up, times were hard-hitting for Mark Wahlberg and his mom and siblings. During his adolescence, Mark made some pretty poor choices. He even landed in jail after robbing a convenience store. But those hard times and together with the love and support from his mother, ultimately inspired Mark to surrender to God.

Mark said that he had to make the choice personally and then he had to emphasis on his faith and this has really allowed him to overcome a lot of things in his life.

Once Mark made the choice to submit to God’s will, the whole thing changed. He traded his disturbed youth headed towards a life of crime for hard work and willpower and it is paid off well.

Mark may have made it big in Hollywood, but his mother always measured his success in a different way. She made certain that Mark Wahlberg’s net worth wasn’t found in recognition or wealth but rather in faith and family.

Mark explained what made his mother most gratified. It was them really kind of spinning their lives around and becoming really productive people and the family-oriented people that they are. He further said that his mother was most proud of the kind of husband and the father he was.

She always respected the successes and the things that Mark was able to do professionally but his personal growth actually meant a lot more to her.

Donnie Wahlberg, Mark’s brother wrote in his mother’s tribute that he is so blessed to have been brought into this world by, raised by, taught by and set on his life’s path by such a wonderful woman. He further wrote that it is time for his mother to rest peacefully.

The importance Alma Wahlberg put on family and faith throughout her life has become her legacy. And her children are honoring her by pulling closer together.

Mark Wahlberg praises his sister for stepping up to try and fill the role his mother once played as cement in holding the family composed.

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