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Barbra Streisand Amazed Grandkid on 4th Birthday — She ‘Never’ Takes off ‘Grandma’ Bracelet after Her Birth.

Barbra Streisand posted this wonderful Instagram photo of her granddaughter, Westlyn Brolin, on November 5, 2022. In the picture, the little girl was wearing a bedazzled pink tiara with the words “Birthday Girl,” and she had a surprised expression on her face.

She wore a pink shirt and had her hands lifted, stroking her hair. Her grandma, Barbra Streisand, detailed what was occurring in the photo and on that day in the text.

The singer stated that she created the look on her granddaughter’s face when she saw her “beautiful cake” on her fourth birthday! She ended the post by expressing their love for the young child.

The affectionate post made it plain that Streisand admired Westlyn. The youngster was one of Barbra’s grandkids from her stepson, Josh Brolin, who also had kids on whom the actress doted.

Barbra was recognized for her singing and acting, yet her most important roles were mother and wife. She has been married to James Brolin for almost two decades and is the mom of Jason Gould and her stepchildren, Josh, Jess, and Mary Elizabeth Brolin.

The actress’s love for her family was undeniable, as she adopted her stepkids as her own, and what was even more touching was her tight relationship with Josh. Barbra married his father in 1998, having discovered true love at the age of 56.

The pair married in the singer’s Malibu mansion, and their families merged. Josh, who had four children in November 2022, liked spending time with his dad and stepmom and even lived near enough to them to be a neighbor.

The “Avengers” star and his wife, Kathryn, would frequently pay visits to James and his wife, taking time away from their hectic work commitments. Barbra had a strong relationship with Josh, and she never hesitated to make time for him so they could create wonderful memories.

The Grammy Award-winning singer, her hubby, and Josh attended a screening of “Jonah Hex” and snapped the cutest photographs together. James’ wife attended the premiere of Josh’s film “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” eight years later.

At one point, Westlyn’s mom gave the actress a gift that made her cry. The present signaled the beginning of a new chapter in Barbra’s life, one that saw her become more than just a mom and wife.

Josh previously disclosed on SiriusXM radio that his wife once purchased Barbra a bracelet that said “Grandma.” The vocalist burst into tears, overwhelmed by the gift that arrived after Westlyn was born.

The actor described his stepmother’s “irritating” yet “wonderful” practice of sending him emails every day with baby names she’d come up with. The amusing behavior occurred during Kathryn’s pregnancy with Westlyn.

Barbra was so ecstatic about being a grandma that she requested when she might come to see the baby in its mother’s stomach. The celebrity also used an app to follow the baby’s progress.

Josh claimed his stepmother was completely immersed in the pregnancy at the time, and he loved it. In 2022, Barbra performed the role to Josh’s kids, Trevor, Eden, Westlyn, and Chapel, whom she adored.

Trevor and Eden were with his first ex-wife, Alice Adair, and the younger two with Kathryn. Since the two older kids were grownups, Barbra focused on the younger ones, spoiling them with internet presents and adoring them!

Chapel joined the family on December 25, 2020, and the musician was overjoyed! When she was among the little girls, she was characterized as “simply mush,” with James noting how his wife acted towards the kids who were not “her blood grandkids”: She instantly melted to melting putty… They’re on the phone. They transmit footage of the child’s activities every other day. As a result, they’re all quite close.

Josh’s dad stated that they were overjoyed to learn that a second kid was on the way. During a previous interview, Barbra said the following regarding the bracelet she received from Kathryn that she never removed.

The actress from “Mirror Has Two Faces” thought that family was all, more essential than any career, and came first. Aside from Westlyn, Barbra adored all of her grandkids equally.

She once said that she found time to see all four of her kids and babysit the younger ones. James’s wife even remembers canceling meetings in order to spend quality time with her elder grandchild.

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