Boy takes Grandma to her first prom in order to provide her with the best memories possible in her final months.

When physicians told Julia Jarman’s family she only had six months to live, they were distraught. The surprising news arrived in February, following the elderly lady’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

Jarman was the best friend of her grandson Vigil. He adored her, and the news of her fatal condition devastated him. Soon after, the 17-year-old and his sister developed a plan to make Jarman’s final days special.

Vigil accompanied his grandma to Florida after knowing of her condition, where they spent a week together. On Mother’s Day, he had lunch with her and they went to see the graves of some of their family members.

Vigil desired to make his grandmother’s final six months memorable. And, with his high school prom approaching, his sister had a brilliant idea. She stated that why don’t he simply go to prom with Grandma?

Vigil remembered Jarman had never been to a prom when he heard his sister’s idea. But, before he asked his grandma to join him on one of the most unforgettable occasions of his life, he had one vital assignment to fulfill.

Vigil inquired with the administrator of Stafford High School in Virginia about bringing his grandma to prom. Vigil wasn’t sure whether his grandma could join him because the school had a stipulation that students may only have companions under the age of 20.

Vigil was surprised when the principal, Joseph Lewis, agreed to let him bring Jarman to the prom. Delighted, the boy asked his grandmother if she wanted to attend her first prom, and she answered yes. Vigil remembered that they got her hair chopped. Her nails were done.

Jarman wore a blue dress that coordinated with her grandson’s clothing and accessorized with a simple pearl necklace. While other youngsters approached the venue with their girlfriends, Vigil arrived with his grandma on his arm.

Lewis and his colleagues greeted Jarman at the prom by presenting her with a sash and a beautiful crown. Jarman’s first prom was made much more memorable since it took place on the night of her 92nd birthday.

Vigil wasn’t certain how his classmates might respond to seeing her dance with Jarman. Afterwards, he was overjoyed to see how everybody greeted her.

To assist his grandma create lasting memories, Vigil requested that the DJ play her favorite song, Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” When the music started, Vigil held his grandmother’s hand and they danced to it.

Vigil admitted that she had been one of his greatest buddies since he was born. Meanwhile, his mom was quite proud of him for making his grandmother’s final months special.

They laughed, spoke, had coffee, and juice, Jarman stated, while the elderly woman described her first prom night as “absolutely lovely.”

When Vigil and Jarman’s tale became viral on social media, people couldn’t resist expressing their support for the couple.

Vigil’s considerate act not only helped him win his grandmother’s heart, yet it also made him a hero in the eyes of others all across the world. Share this tale with your friends and family to make their day brighter.

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