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‘Because You’re White’: Woman Charged With Bias Crime After Allegedly Punching A Mom In The Face Multiple Times At Portland Bus Stop.

Once her hatred seemingly boiled over, Nimo Jire Kalinle, 42, allegedly planned to make a North Portland, Oregon bus stop the site of a violent murder. She allegedly grew enraged at the hue of another woman’s skin, prompting Kalinle to launch an unjustified assault.

Kalinle is accused of descending on an unsuspecting mom, subsequently identified as Janae Jordan, after getting off the bus around North Fremont Street and North Gantenbein Avenue. According to court papers, Kalinle then reportedly punched the mother in the face many times at the bus stop as she was waiting with her husband and little kid.

Only after the suspect had continuously battered Jordan in front of her little daughter was her husband able to intervene and terminate the assault. He was able to seize Kalinle and hold her until the cops arrived. Prior to the incident, the victim said that she had no previous encounter with the perpetrator. She said she’d never seen her before and didn’t know who she was, although she did get a little opportunity to interview Kalinle after her horrible assault.

Jordan reportedly questioned the accused about why she had targeted her and decided to assault her after being hit. She couldn’t believe the response she got from an unapologetic Kalinle. The accused, who is black, reportedly answered to Jordan’s query about her purpose by responding, it’s because she is white, and she hate white people, according to a probable cause affidavit.

According to court papers, Nimo Jire Kalinle was detained after the event, and the victim was transported to the hospital and treated for unidentified wounds. Kalinle was charged with various crimes in connection with the event, yet she did not appear for her arraignment. Police were obliged to seek a bench warrant for her arrest as a result.

In a separate incident, Kalinle was arrested and put into the Multnomah County prison on allegations of criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. She was charged with first-degree prejudice crime, second-degree bias crime, fourth-degree felony assault, and two counts of interfering with public transit in connection with the bus stop beating. She entered a not guilty plea.

Nimo Jire Kalinle’s run-in with the authorities was not his first. In reality, Kalinle was previously charged with criminal mischief for hurling rocks into Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation bus shelters and causing damage to other TriMet property. This lady is said to be aggressive and to have no regard for people or their property, and such a hate-filled, violent individual has no place in a civilized society.

No one who commits unwarranted violence deserves the liberties that the rest of us have. This is particularly true when the cause of the violence is the color of another person’s skin. This is completely wrong, irrespective of who is involved’s ethnicity. Her mother was going about her business when she was assaulted for reasons beyond her control. Due to another’s unreasonable hatred, an innocent individual became a victim. It is never acceptable, and those who carry out such actions must face the full force of the law.

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