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Missing woman with dementia found safe thanks to the loyal dog by her side.

Dogs are very devoted and protective creatures. They are constantly at their owner’s side when they are needed. There have been several reports of persons going missing and then being discovered with their dog by their side.

They can even save the day by leading to a rescue. One dog, for example, is credited with saving the life of his owner, who was lost in the woods for three days.

Sherry Noppe, 63, of Katy, Texas, went missing while out walking her dog, Max. Sherry had just been diagnosed with dementia, and her family was concerned that she was confused and disoriented.

Police and local residents launched a massive hunt through the woods to locate Sherry and bring her home safely.

Fortunately, she was discovered. Sherry was found in George Bush Park about 3 a.m. on Friday by “a crew of devoted volunteers and deputies” after being lost for three days.

But it was her devoted dog Max, who was at her side the whole experience, that ultimately saved the day: his barking apparently notified the search team of her whereabouts.

Volunteers in the rescue team said that they followed the sound of the dog’s barking, which directed them through the woods in the dead of night.

They and the cops had heard some dogs barking weakly here and there, so they just continued listening for that, a family friend, Michael England, said. They were relieved to discover her. They are glad she’s alive and well. The dog was present. Everything was in order. The dog literally saved her life.

The woman’s survival was described as a “little miracle” by Constable Ted Heap. Sherry apparently suffered just minor scratches and bruises and is currently doing fine.

She claimed she simply took the wrong turn, got lost, and looped around, according to Sherry’s son, Justin Noppe.

The family thanked all of the volunteers and officials who assisted in the hunt for their mother, but particularly Max for rescuing the day. He not only led rescuers to Sherry, but he also remained by her side the whole time.

The dog had no collar or leash and remained by her side for three days, Justin said. And it simply shows the loyalty the dog has.

That was even more surprising since Max doesn’t generally bark; he just recognized an emergency and understood what to do. He’s not a barker, and she thought something was going to happen, and he was like, “He’s got to defend her,” daughter Courtney Noppe said.

Max, like his master, was fatigued but unhurt, and is now recuperating and receiving presents and goodies, including a large steak as a reward.

Max, you’re a hero! Thank you for watching for Sherry while she was away and assisting in her safe return.

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