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Ben Affleck And J.Lo Look Uneasy At Brunch Amid Rumors Marriage Is Already On The Rocks

The honeymoon time is intended to be euphoric. However, there are several allegations circulating that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s honeymoon period was everything but. According to reports, the first three months were difficult.

An insider told that Ben “didn’t comprehend what he was getting himself into,” and that the pair had been arguing continuously since their wedding.

Despite the rumors, the pair went out to brunch on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

It’s difficult to discern if the rumors are true or just idol nonsense. What is certain is that the pair looked stunning in Beverly Hills, California. Jennifer’s scarlet Rolls-Royce convertible greeted them. Ben was behind the wheel.

Jennifer sported an all-black outfit that included wide-leg slacks, stiletto boots, and a belted jacket. Her hair was pulled back in a neat ponytail, revealing her gold hoop earrings. Before entering the restaurant, she posed for a photo with the paparazzi. This isn’t her first time dealing with public relations.

Ben was likewise in good shape. Jennifer has undoubtedly improved his style. However, the insider claims that this has been part of the problem. He’s a jeans and t-shirt sort of guy, and Jennifer is suddenly attempting to tell him what he can and cannot wear, one source explained.

However, it appears that the problems extend beyond fashion. Ben doesn’t clean up after himself, which bothers the heck out of Jennifer, according to another insider. His smoking is also a concern.

She despises Ben’s smokes, the insider stated. He swore to quit, yet despite her nagging, he’s smoking more than ever.

She’s been known to shout at him and point her finger, said the first source. It makes folks question if she thinks he’s the dog!”

We wish the rumors aren’t true for Ben and Jen’s sake. However, sources say things are already a disaster.

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