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Billionaire Rupert Murdoch, 92, and Ann Lesley Smith suddenly call off engagement.

Rupert Murdoch’s engagement has supposedly been called off, so wedding bells will not be ringing anytime soon.

Yet he has heard them all before in his 92 years on this world, or at least more than the typical person.

The media mogul got a divorce from his wife of six years, model Jerry Hall, in July. He said that there were “irreconcilable differences” in their marriage.

Before Wendi Murdoch, Anna Murdoch Mann, and Patricia Booker, the CEO of News Corporation was married to Wendi Murdoch.

He is one-fourth Irish, he claimed, referring to one of his own publications, The New York Post, and explaining why he selected that day.

He was quite nervous, he continued. He hated falling in love because he knew it would be his last, he said. It had better be. He is content.

The pair met last year at a winery in front of 200 people, and Murdoch claims he called her two weeks later.

Smith also talked to the publication, stating that it’s a blessing from God for both of them. They first met in September of last year.

She has been a widow for 14 years. Her spouse, like Rupert, was a businessman who worked with local newspapers, created radio and television stations, and promoted Univision. So she is fluent in Rupert’s language.

They have the same values.

In context, this isn’t her first rodeo. Nearing 70 signifies one is in the home stretch. She waited until the appropriate moment. Friends are delighted for her.

They’re both looking forward to spending the second part of their lives together, Murdoch said.

It seems not to have gone as planned, as the couple has apparently terminated their brief affair, according to sources.

Rupert Murdoch’s spokeswoman refused to comment on the site.

Murdoch had been ‘deeply unhappy’ with Smith’s strong evangelical beliefs, according to the source.

Since Smith’s engagement to Murdoch was revealed only a few weeks ago, there have been some negative articles about her.

Upon the death of her most recent husband, Chester Smith, in 2008, Smith got entangled in a legal dispute with her stepdaughters over her late husband’s vast wealth.

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