Michigan Family Welcomes First Baby Girl in 138 Yrs: ‘She’s Finally Here’

A Michigan family is ecstatic two weeks after having a child.

Audrey Clark, a two-week-old girl, was born on March 17—St. Patrick’s Day—to Carolyn and Andrew Clark of Caledonia.

According to the Clarks’ family records, Audrey is also the first daughter on Andrew Clark’s side of the family since 1885.

That came as a pleasant shock to all of them, Andrew Clark said.

Carolyn Clark claimed she didn’t believe the family narrative when she and her now-husband first started dating over ten years ago.

Carolyn Clark remembered when he said it’s a 50-50 chance every time. She asked him, what does he exactly mean? To which he replied that they haven’t had a female in their straight line in over 100 years. She questioned his parents about it, and they said, oh yes, no, they haven’t had a daughter in their straight line. He has had aunts and relatives who have had daughters, but there has never been a female in his family.

The Clarks stated that welcoming Audrey has been extra significant for them since they had a loss in January 2021.

They didn’t care whether they were expecting a boy or a girl when they found out they were pregnant. They were really grateful to be expecting and hoped for a safe pregnancy and baby, Carolyn Clark said. The fact that it was a female was simply icing on the cake.

In September, the Clarks met with close relatives to celebrate the baby’s sex with handcrafted pastries.

They kept it a secret from each other as well. So he simply imagined it would be blue in the middle of the cookies, and another boy in the family, Andrew Clark related the story. He was taken aback. He believes he simply gazed at the core of that cookie, as if it were actually pink. So that was a delightful surprise for them.

They’re very pleased that she’s finally here and, once again, that she’s healthy and that all went well with the birth, Carolyn Clark said.

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