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Blac Chyna removes ‘demonic’ tattoo as she regains her faith

Blac Chyna was once renowned for her sexiness and the exaggerated appearance she attained via cosmetic surgery and fillers, but those days are over.

Chyna, whose true name is Angela White, now claims to be a born-again Christian and is making significant adjustments in her life to reflect this. One of those alterations, she stated in a recent Instagram video, is the removal of a “demonic” tattoo from her hip.

She said that she got this Baphomet tattoo, alluding to the ancient pagan god represented as a goat with a pentagram on its forehead and frequently linked with Satan.

Chyna added that when she initially got the tattoo, that was not what it meant to her, you know what I mean?” Chyna said. Whatever it is, she does not want anything unpleasant or satanic anymore.

She then slept down on a mattress in the back of her vehicle while a hired driver drove her to Las Vegas to begin the process of having the tattoo erased.

It will take many sessions to completely remove it, but it looks like Chyna is excited to be taking this step, which is just one of the recent changes in her life.

She had her breast and gluteal implants removed, as well as the filler in her cheeks and lips dissolved.

She’s also given up her massively popular OnlyFans account.

Chyna recently spoke about these selections saying honestly, for her, this is too much. It’s time to make a shift. This is not her true self. Something came over her, almost like the Holy Spirit. Then she said to herself that needs to find out what her life’s mission is l ike, ‘why is she even here?’

She continued that she needed to make a shift so that she could begin stepping into her own truth and she feels like that’s incredibly essential to her.

As far as undoing a surgery, it was extremely, incredibly crucial for her since what she had had was unlawful silicone injections, she added of her look. And what occurs is that some females get it, but for her, she would sometimes become unwell and get sick from it. And as she grew older, she realize she wants to be there for her children. Her grandchildren are something she aspires to have.

When she acquired it, she was 19 years old and innocent. So she wasn’t aware of all the hazards and such such stuff. And, by God’s grace, she is still alive. She simply wants to set an example for the females and warn them to be really cautious because this is quite harmful. It’s similar to playing Russian roulette. It’s like a game of Russian roulette with ones life.

Chyna also just shared on Instagram that she got baptized on her birthday in May.

“I got baptized on 5-11-22 ….. I was watching the video again and wanted to show you this because if you look closely at my mouth you can hear the spirits leaving my body.”

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