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Pink refuses to let her young daughter use a cellphone for one smart reason.

The Grammy-winning singer has 2 kids with her husband, professional motocross and motorbike racer Carey Hart: Willow Sage (born June 2011) and Jameson Moon (born December 2016).

Pink, 43, stated to in February 2022 that she would not let Willow, then ten years old, to use a mobile.

There is a positive and negative aspect to technology in general for grownups. She is not ready for children yet. Her 10-year-old does not have a phone, despite the fact that her daughter pointed out to her that most of the kids in her class have a phone. It doesn’t pique her interest.

Yet she recognizes the advantages of technology. She added that a s parents, they can’t be dinosaurs; they have to kind of accept and go with it.

Pink believes in attachment parenting, which emphasizes intimate connection with a kid.

Cover Me in Sunshine, a duet with Willow, was released in February 2021 by The Lady Marmalade vocalist. The lovely voices of the mother-daughter duet harmonizing in the chorus are a fantastic illustration of her choice not to use technology as a babysitter.

The powerful singer, who appeared on the cover of People in 2018 with her young kids, stated in the interview that as a little kid, she didn’t have to form deep bonds with her parents, who both worked full-time.

Without technology to distract her, she reflects warmly on the bonds she had with her brother and with life. Her brother and she rode bikes to school and played in the woods all day, she recalled in the interview. Plenty of animal rescue, tree climbing, athletics, and gymnastics. She had a happy childhood.

She added that she believes in affection. She believe in meeting needs and implementing religion and believes in showing ones children that they can rely on their parents and that their parents will be there for them. Her parents plainly did not believe in that, and she did OK. She constantly tells Willow that she is going to teach her the rules so her daughter will understand how and when to violate them.

She’s also coming up with fresh and inventive methods to interact with her kids.

Pink collaborated with the Calm App and Calm Kids in 2022, lending her soothing voice to bedtime stories to help kids fall asleep.

Although the device on which the app is installed is unknown, Pink told in a 2022 interview that her son Jameson enjoys her stories.

Pink isn’t the only celebrity who refuses to give their children cell phones.

Penelope Cruz, an Oscar winner, concurs. In December 2021, it was reported that she had prohibited her son Leo, born in 2011, and daughter Luna, born in 2103, from using phones or social media.

She said that there is no protection for kids, for growing brains and how it influences how they view themselves, how everything relates to bullying, so many things that are not their childhood.” Her children can only watch movies or cartoons on occasion. How can she refuse to allow them to watch movies? She had some incredible happy moments since she was a little girl.

Even billionaire Mark Cuban, who’s heavily involved in technology, is rigorous and secretive with his children’s usage of computers.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates reveals that his children were not allowed to have cellphones until they were 14 years old.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, Barack and Michelle Obama, and royals Kate Middleton and Prince William have all been added to the list of famous parents who monitor or restrict their children’s use of technology or cellphones.

It’s always necessary to weight the advantages and negatives of any circumstance.

According to research, young children who use cell phones have both advantages and disadvantages. Mental health issues, access to harmful material, and exposure to predators and cyber bullies are all disadvantages.

Cell phones, on the other hand, enable youngsters to contact with their parents or other authoritative authorities.

If you’re wishing your kid to have a phone for safety concerns, experts suggest a phone with restricted functionality, enabling a youngster to securely call, message and take photographs.

Tell us what you think of Pink’s choice to deny Willow the use of a mobile. And how do you feel about children and mobile use?

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