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Carrie Underwood says her 7-yr-old son Isaiah is realizing that mom’s job is “not normal”

Carrie Underwood has launched her The Denim & Rhinestones tour. The singer did promotional events for her upcoming tour, one of which was an interview.

The singer balances her musical career and being a mother of two. And now as her kids grow older, she adds they have a better concept of why their mom might be missing through portions of their life.

Her 7-year-old son Isiah is growing increasingly conscious of what his mother does for a career, she claimed. He is becoming more aware of her popularity!

She said that she feels like, Isaiah, who’s seven and a half he’s becoming more aware that it’s not normal, referring to her son’s growing awareness that people know who his mother is.

He’ll go to school and someone will say, ‘I saw your mum on TV last night,’ she continued. He’s just becoming more aware that his mother does something out of the ordinary.”

The country music artist shares both her boys, Isiah and Jacob with her spouse who is a former hockey star. Fair to assume, the boys will quickly know that both their parents are prominent celebrities.

As she begins her tour, she realizes more than ever that she must spend as much time as possible with her boys.

She has it all worked out, the boys accompany her on tour when they don’t have school and her coming back home on days when she is free.

Being a working mother is not easy, and being a mother with a high-stakes business that requires you to travel is much more difficult. Carrie Underwood deserves credit for attempting to strike a balance.

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