Black Woman Finds Out Deceased Veteran Is Aboard Plane, Refuses To Let It Go

When a fallen soldier is sent home by an airline, it is a sensitive situation for everyone concerned. In reality, there is a suitable routine that escorts and airline staff must implement to protect the safety of the priceless cargo and the sensitivity of the situation.

As a result, when it was reported that a Vietnam veteran who had spent more than two decades in the United States Military was being released on his farewell flight, Alaska Airlines passengers fell silent. When it came to one particularly loud woman, though, she was not ready to let the occasion pass without voicing her opinion on the subject.

According to Julia Collman Jette, who was flying from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport to Seattle, Washington, the airport was stunned when a black flight attendant broke the hush to express her feelings about traveling with a deceased soldier.

Denise Snow, an Alaska Airlines employee, stunned the audience with a beautiful and heartfelt performance of the National Anthem, which she sung to properly commemorate the hero.

When Snow learned that the soldier, only known as AJ, was on his way home, she acknowledged the existence of his remains and revealed that she would be performing the “Star-Spangled Banner” in his honor. Her stunningly lovely voice forced everybody in earshot to stop and pay their respects.

According to Neal, who captured the video, practically everybody in the airport stood at attention to pay their respects to the slain warrior. He claimed that “all but two” individuals applauded Snow’s rendition of the National Anthem.

Despite the fact that she is not compelled to do anything extra to commemorate military troops, Snow chooses to perform the National Anthem whenever a deceased soldier is conveyed on her flight. She also does the same in honor of soldiers who participate in the Honor Flight, which was formed by a non-profit organization committed to carrying US military veterans to war monuments for free.

Neal recorded this and luckily enough he had his phone out to record it. I was fighting back tears! This happened in the Anchorage airport just before we boarded our flight to Seattle. A fallen soldier's ashes were being carried home on our plane. He served 21 selfless years in our military. What a moving experience and what an amazing voice of that Alaska Airlines employee! #alaska #alaskaairlines #selfless #military #ashes #amazingvoice #tears #america #usa #freedom #fightforfreedom #travel #family #sacrifice #home #beautiful #facebookhashtag #respectourmilitary #thankful

Posted by Julia Jette on Friday, 16 October 2015

Denise Snow has not responded to the adoration she has gotten as a result of the recording of her singing that has subsequently gone viral. In reality, it appears like she wishes to divert attention away from her supernatural abilities and onto the men and women she decides to celebrate.

It’s great to see someone from one of the toughest and most hectic positions take time out of her day to honor those who have fought for our nation. Maybe if more people followed suit, we would not be as politically and socially divided as we are now.

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