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Dad Beat 20-Year-Old Man He Found In Daughter’s Bedroom, Police Charge Him Instead

Ismael Casillas, the dad of an adolescent daughter, was driven to safeguard his child at any costs. However, the price for protecting his family and property from a malicious invader may be incarceration.

Keywontrezes Humphries, 20, had never met the 41-year-old Coweta County father before he discovered him in his teen daughter’s bedroom. Casillas entered his 14-year-old daughter’s room just before morning and was surprised to see Humphries with his kid. His fatherly instincts kicked in as expected.

Casillas assaulted Humphries, strangling and beating him to a bloody pulp, unknowing that the guy was “in a relationship” with his teenage daughter. The furious dad even punched out and chipped several of Humphries’ teeth before the invader was able to escape.

Casillas shouted for his wife, Kristy, to grab his handgun as the duo wrestled. In an effort to flee the enraged father, the 20-year-old leaped out of a neighboring window. Casillas, on the other hand, was not willing to let Humphries get away so easily. The father pursued him into the front yard, where he began to beat Humphries and threatened to kill him. He fired several bullets after grabbing the gun from his wife as the young man fled for his life.

Although cops concede that they comprehend Casillas’s rage, they believe he went too far. The father “stepped a line,” according to the investigator, when he shot his revolver at Humphries after he had ceased to be a threat.

Casillas has been accused of violent attack and risks prison time as a result of his acts. Georgia law allows homeowners to use force to protect themselves and their families against invaders as long as there is a current threat. Authorities feel the force was unwarranted since Humphries was escaping when Casillas fired his handgun.

Later, Keywontrezes Humphries was arrested. For engaging in a sexual connection with a juvenile kid, he was accused of child molestation.

Kristy Casillas, Casillas’ wife, started a Go Fund Me account to seek money for her husband’s legal bills. She revealed in the campaign that their daughter met Humphries while playing Xbox online. After they started dating, he traveled two hours to her family’s house to have sex with her.

Kristy contended that her husband’s actions were appropriate since he didn’t know whether Humphries had broken into their home to rape or abduct their daughter. They didn’t find out she was in a relationship with the man until they spoke with their child thereafter.

It’s tough to know what you would or would not do unless you’re in a comparable scenario. Nevertheless, it’s safe to assume that most parents would not blame the enraged dad for venting his fury on the adult invader.

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