Blind Man Falls On The Subway Track And Begs For Help.

There’s really something to be said for strangers who act quickly to help another, at times even putting their own lives in danger. And I think that “something” would be: They’re heroes.

On May 17, Julia’s subway car was just pulling up to the station when she believed she heard a faint voice call out. She listened more intently and managed to make out the words: “Help! Help me, please!!”

The man sitting beside her could also hear the plea for help, and when they looked out the side window, they could see a man lying down on the tracks next to them, his walking cane by his side.

Within seconds, the man standing in the middle of the photograph jumped off the subway and onto the tracks to pull the man, who was blind, off the tracks. A few seconds later, he was joined by two other men, and, together, they all got the blind man off the tracks and out of danger.

Had the men not acted as quickly as they did, the results would have been tragic. These men are heroes. We do not know their names, but heroes they are nonetheless.

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