Heartbroken Cat Visits Neighbor’s House Every Day Looking For Her Dog Friend Who Passed Away.

When you have a good friend, it’s almost like you can sense when something is wrong with them… something just not quite right. And that’s when your friendship counts the most, and sometimes, even an unlikely pair can be the best of friends. 

Shea Brennaman got Gracie, an American Eskimo, when she was a little puppy, and Shea was just fascinated at how smart and caring she was as she grew up in Decatur, Alabama.

At just 8 months old, Grace saved Shea from a deadly snake. It seemed she would do anything for those she loved. And she even liked making friends with other animals, like rabbits and squirrels and the such. And then, there was this cat that would get into the back yard and it kept coming back, and Gracie made friends with it.

It’s name was Baby Grey, and Shea could tell that Gracie actually looked forward to the visits from that cat. They spent a lot of time together enjoying the sun and enjoying snacks. Gracie would even leave her favorite snack, tomatoes, left alone on the porch for Baby Grey.

Gracie was now 12 years old and really slowing down. At her veterinary check up, Shea was devastated when she was told that Gracie had terminal cancer. And as that cancer got worse, Baby Grey started coming over to Shea’s back yard more than she used to, and spent a lot more time with Gracie during the last month of her life.

They had a great connection, especially for a dog and a cat. And after Gracie passed on, Baby Grey kept coming back, looking for her. And she would lie in the sunlight in the exact spot where Gracie used to.

She still comes to Shea’s house, and takes a few minutes to look inside the house, hoping to see her best friend once again. 

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