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Bob Barker Has No Kids at 98 & Does Not Regret It Even Though His Only Wife Died 40 Years Ago

Bob Barker, host on the game show “The Price Is Right,” was married to his only wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon for 36-years before she died.

Barker and Gideon first met in the mid-30s when Barker was only 15, but he instantly fell in love with Gideon. They tied the knot in 1945 once Gideon turned 20.

Their matrimonial was perfect and Gideon was Barker’s sweetheart. They continued in love and luckily wedded for 36 years. Unfortunately, Gideon was detected with lung cancer in 1981 and pass away only six months after.

Barker was shocked by the loss. He suffered a deep sadness and spent the next two years dealing with the loss. Even in grief, he declined to go into total hopelessness and occupied himself in his work.

In spite of being married for over 30-years, he and his deceased wife had no children. Barker said that they had no time to become parents and he did not regret it.

Rather having kids, Barker treasured working with cats and dogs and grew into serving all kinds of animals, a desire he has held since he was a kid serving out orphans and wounded animals. He was born with a love for animals and feels regretful for individuals that do not like them.

Barker did not want children to transport lovely reminiscences of his wife, as years after her death, he still honors her remembrances. He said that his wife, a former animal rights activist, significantly influenced and stimulated him to work with animals.

Barker has functioned with uncountable animal efforts and has a foundation, the DJ & T Foundation, that has sponsored spays and neuters. He remains to work with animals as a desire and as a way to honor his deceased wife.

Time gone by since Gideon’s sad death, but Barker never got over her and while he lingers to honor her reminiscences by doing right by her, it is obvious he never could move past her demise.

He said that while several men in his situation would have long re-wedded a second or even a third wife but he never felt the want to since Gideon had been the only one for him. He said that he never had any feeling to marry as she was his wife.

It has been over 40 years since Gideon’s death, but Barker has not rejected any of his wife’s reminiscences. On her 36th death anniversary, he paid honor to his wife when he visited her gravesite with a bunch of chrysanthemums. He sat on the gravestone for a brief before heading out. From that instant, it became clear that Barker still recalls his wife and misses their life together.

Barker has lived a content life with a fruitful career and a marriage that was inappropriately cut too short. Even so, life has not been without its biased share of death shocks.

Barker stumbled and fell on a footway near his Los Angeles home on October 20, 2015. He was hurried to hospital where he received sews for an injured brow and was discharged. Then two years later, he slid in his toilet and his maid took him to the hospital where he was examined.

Barker, at 98, has outlasted several of his friends and it seems he is not going to slow down.

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