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Dying Husband & Father Leaves Heartbreaking Final Voice Message To Wife After Fatal Snake Bite

Sebastian Wicker, a Mozambique land manager, was on safari when he was bitten by a snake. While he was dying in anguish, he wrote his wife a sad note in which he told her how much he loved her. In December, the two were set to embark on a new chapter in their lives in Scotland. The 40-year-old leaves behind his 30-year-old wife Amanda and their 2-year-old son Oskar.

In the message following the snake bite, one can hear that he is losing consciousness, Amanda Stated. She  responded with a message, but he did not open it. One of his coworkers called her in tears to inform her he had died. Then she burst into tears. It’s still a huge shock. Sebastian has previously been assaulted by buffalo, but a snake assault like this is nearly unheard of. It’s the first time something like this has occurred out here in 30 years. The chances of being bitten by a snake are quite remote.

Wicker is said to have died after being bitten by a forest cobra or a black mamba, both of which are frequent deadly snakes in the area. Wicker was looking for buffalo when he came across a termite mound. Snakes prefer to reside inside mound holes. It was either a forest cobra or a black mamba, Amanda continued, both of which carry poison that may harm the brain. Sebastian was given one dosage of anti-venom by the client. They brought him to Marromeu Hospital, which was 45 minutes away, but there was no more anti-venom. She went on to say that her spouse died “in excruciating pain” and required morphine. At the end, he was vomiting violently and unable to breathe. His tongue was enlarged, and he died in a horrific way.  The bereaved wife said, she can only imagine how he must have felt. Even thinking about it now aches.

Saddest of news 😢 I looked up to Sebastian Wicker like a big brother 💔 he was absolutely fascinating to be around. I…

Posted by Tyron Cameron on Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Since her husband’s murder became public, the Wicker family has faced internet abuse and death threats as a result of his safari work, which included hunting indigenous buffalo. Amanda is adamant that her husband was a committed environmentalist, and the killing of the buffalo was an essential means of maintaining the local ecology, much as culling deer in Scotland.  Amanda intends to proceed with her plans to visit Scotland with her baby. They had so many plans and so much to look forward to as a couple, she explained. She intends to lay his ashes at Glencoe in Scotland.

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