Teen brother takes 10-year-old sister with leukaemia to school dance before she passes away

This is a truly inspiring and heart wrenching story, a 10 year old girl suffers from cancer and for obvious reasons does not live a normal life and definitely not a normal school life either.

Rebekah Spader is lucky, very lucky to have such a a loving and caring elder brother. A J Spader knew that Rebekah would not be able to enjoy the normal luxuries of life and will most certainly miss out on high school prom nights and parties, because she may not live long enough to see those days.

So for one magical night Rebekah got to be Cinderella for a winter formal dance, and her prince charming, her brother AJ. AJ wanted Rebekah to experience this before she left his life and gift her this beautiful memory.

AJ treated Rebekah to the whole high school experience which included dinner with his friends and their dates.

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