Engagement Photo Circulates On Facebook, Thousands Unleash Cruel Remarks About Lady In Pink

Jessica McDaniels of St. Louis was taking a picture of a friend’s proposal when someone else took a picture of her… and posted it on Facebook. It showed the woman smiling, with her teeth jutting out. The photo was shared more than 60,000 times, gathering an incredible amount of cruel comments about her teeth.

That photo and the horrible comments that came with it was spotted by an old high school friend of Jessica’s, and the friend, Krystal Starks, was heartbroken by the terrible words written by some very mean people.

So Krystal started a GoFundMe page so Jessica would be able to have her teeth fixed. But that would actually not be necessary, as two local surgeons, after hearing about the terrible ridicule Jessica was enduring, stepped up and offered her their services to fix her teeth… for free.

And now Jessica, a single mother of two, is still the same old Jessica, she says. But now she will ALWAYS have something to smile about.

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