Boy, 15, ‘strangled mother to death after argument about a D grade’

A 15-year-old Florida boy has been accused of killing his mother, burying her corpse in a church fire pit, and then staging his home to appear as if there had been a break-in. Gregory Logan Ramos, 15, admitted to killing his architect mother Gail Cleavenger, 46, at their DeBary house after they battled over his receiving a ‘D’ in school, according to authorities.

The child then collaborated with two of his close University High School pals, Dylan Ceglarek and Brian Porras, both 17, to make it appear as though Cleavenger was murdered during a break-in.

Ramos and his mom talked about his D grade at 11 p.m. Thursday night, then he woke her up around 12.30 a.m. Friday morning and cut off her oxygen supply.

Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood stated that the boy went into her room, woke her up, and started strangling her and strangling her until he murdered her. He did this out of ‘anger.’ In the midst of the disagreement, the mom contacted dad Danny Cleavenger, who was on a business trip in Seattle, to inform him of the grade. When he came home Friday night, he learned of her demise.

During his confession, he stated that he used a wheelbarrow to transport her corpse into the family vehicle, then drove 1.5 miles to River City Church, where he buried her in a fire pit. He first drove to Daytona’s Holly Hill region to dispose of her bodies, but returned to get a shovel before proceeding with his other plan.

Meantime, his companions broke in the door, stole stuff from the house, and left the van’s engine running to give the impression of a break-in. ‘Then he went home and, in his words, made a “Grammy-winning phone” call to 911 to tell about this awful tragedy that did not actually happen,’ Chitwood said at a news conference. Chitwood said Ramos told them the truth after he originally claimed his mom left him off at school on Friday morning.

The specifics, however, did not make any sense after Cleavenger’s architect business said she did not appear to work that morning. Law enforcement were skeptical of the youngster, who had come home from school early on the day of the incident and made the call at 3.52pm. He claimed his mom was missing and observed the van that had been left running in the driveway. Nonetheless, law police issued a search warrant for anyone with information regarding her location.

To support the narrative, they later discovered goods such as a PlayStation 4, computer, shovel, gun, and a broom used to clean the area where the mom was buried. Chitwood added, ‘the entire situation, the entire thing, the crime location, then you start interrogating the child – things simply didn’t line up. There was something wrong from the start.’

Authorities retrieved the mother’s remains from the fire pit on Saturday. He went on to say that it was one of the most unsettling and saddest things he has ever seen in his career. He wrote on Twitter, ‘I have a hunch this will be a case we hear about for years to come.’ ‘Our hearts go out to this family.’ Ramos was being housed at the Daytona Department of Juvenile Justice.

Rest in peace beautiful mother. This is not what a mother would have ever expected. Let’s remember that anger is a feeling, but it is a harmful one. Stay calm and try to solve any problem.

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