Woman who dumped toddler on stranger’s doorstep blames the boy’s MOM

The lady seen on film abandoning a friend’s kid on a stranger’s doorstep has spoken out, blaming the child’s mother. Keairra Woods is facing felony child endangerment charges after fleeing with two-year-old Royal Prince Simmons in front of a residence in Spring, Texas on Wednesday night.

Woods now blames the boy’s mom for giving her incorrect instructions, referring to herself as an “innocent bystander” in the event that sparked anger around the country after police released a doorbell video.

She explained in an interview on Friday that at the end of the day, she is being blamed for, however, it was actually the mother’s responsibility. She is only a bystander in this case. Woods stated that she agreed to drop off little Royal while the kid’s mom waited at a convenience store due to a restraining order issued against the mother by the child’s father’s girlfriend.

According to Woods in the interview she went with the GPS. She was still on the phone with her, so when she got home, she said to the mother she just pulled up to the house. The mother instructed her to get out of the car, collect his luggage, and walk to the door.

Woods explained that she rang the doorbell, and the lady walked halfway to the door. That’s when she started running. And the only reason she went off running was since it was cold outdoors and she didn’t have a sweatshirt on, as seen in the video. Woods remarked she feels shattered because she adores children, and this is making her seem awful.

The event happened about 8:20 p.m. on Wednesday, when the low temperature for the day was 56 degrees. The footage was published by police in an effort to locate Woods and find Royal’s guardians. As it turned out, Woods had dropped the kid down at the residence next door to the father’s, despite the fact that the father was not present at the time.

According to investigators, the dad got a text from the mom indicating she would drop off the kid in the afternoon on Wednesday, but when that didn’t occur, he assumed the mother’s plans had changed and departed for the evening.

Royal’s father, Willie Simmons, told investigators that he didn’t believe anything had occurred until a television team showed him footage from his neighbor’s video doorbell on Thursday morning. Simmons remarked that imagine a scenario where his neighbor wasn’t there. His son would have been roaming up and down the street if his neighbor hadn’t been there. That was really reckless. And he believes the woman who dropped off his baby should be held guilty.

At roughly 8.20 p.m., Woods was observed approaching the residence on Legends Ridge Drive. She dragged the youngster along the road with one hand and a monkey-shaped backpack in the other.

The footage shows her hurriedly approaching the door and dropping the youngster and his stuff. She then rang the doorbell, knocked on the door, and dashed away, leaving the small child standing in front of the door in the dark. She got back into the white automobile she’d been seen arriving in and drove away. When the homeowner responded, the small child stared at her blankly, his possessions at his side. The woman escorted him inside and dialed 911, after which cops checked her video camera footage.

Toddler abandoned on stranger’s doorstep

According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, a toddler was abandoned on a stranger’s doorstep in Texas on Wednesday night. The boy’s father has since been identified.

Posted by Idaho News 6 on Thursday, 18 October 2018

The child was then placed into protective care, but within a few hours, information from the public recognized him. The street on which the youngster was abandoned is lined with huge family houses worth an average of $275,000. There are parks, tennis courts, and schools nearby, and many of the homes have spacious backyards with pools.

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