Boy, 4, Takes Recently-Divorced Mum Out On Date With Jar Of Pennies.

There is a deep connection between a mother and a child which begins when a woman gives birth to her baby. This is an amazing story of a mom going through a rough phase in her life but what her son does for her is truly precious.

Emma Schofield recently got divorced and had her 4 year old son Max with her. Emma expressed that most of the shops do big events and make a big thing about Valentine’s Day and she felt horrible due to her recent separation.

However her sweet little son after their grocery shopping requested her to close her eyes which she kept little open to see what he is upto. Her eyes were filled with tears as he chose a Valentine’s card and a small teddy bear in a gift bag.

Further he took his mom to Pizza Express in Torquay to treat her to a special 3 course meal. This angelic boy also carried his jar of pennies with him. The waitress who greeted them was tear-eyed witnessing their special dinner date. The waitress made their meal for free as a gift from Pizza Express since they were touched by the 4 year old’s heart warming gesture.

The mom got emotional too and their humble act made her cry with joy. She was proud of her son for being caring, kind and considerate.

Share this story to appreciate the priceless gesture of this little boy to his mom. May this mom son always stay happily together.

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