Hero Mum Drowned During Desperate Rescue Attempt To Save Son, 9, From Lake.

It’s an unimaginable pain of losing your mother. A Mother is someone who will protect and keep her children safe from danger even if it means hurting herself.

Natasha Core, mother of two aged 9 and 4, had gone to the lake with her eldest son as they enjoyed the sunny weather. However she drowned in Lough Gowna, Co Cavan, Republic of Ireland while trying to save son.

An emergency operation was put in place and the Fire Services and Civil Defence helped find Natasha’s body. A helicopter searched from above. Finally her body was found near the shoreline.

Her brother Jason was speechless and shocked. He expressed that his sister Natasha was an outgoing and sweet person, a great mother always there for her children and very humble. He believed she died as a hero.

For most of her life she lived in a local village and the locals were taken back with the loss. A woman explained that when the crowd noticed the helicopter the entire community came out to help and search for her.

Another woman whose kids were in the same school described Natasha as an awesome mom who would go to the park with the kids, have picnics with them and also fishing with her kids.

Natasha’s partner Joseph Donohoe expressed on social media “R.I.P to my girlfriend who sadly passed away last night, word’s can’t describe how much I love and miss you.

Already my heart is broke, me and the boys love you to bits, I hope you get the best bed in heaven because you deserve it, u were the best mother to the boys anyone could ask for, I love you Tasha until we meet again.”

She was an angel and a hero to her son. She sacrificed her life to save her son. May God bless the family and give comfort to cope up with the tragedy.

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