Miracle Boy Born With Organs Outside Body Survives And Celebrates High School Graduation, Inspires Thousands.

Larry Prout Jr from Michigan was born with spina bifida and an omphalocele, a big hole in his stomach that left his abdominal organs exposed outside his body. Larry’s parents could not celebrate his birth because doctors told them that their son only had merely 20% chance of survival.

After Larry’s birth, doctors furthermore discovered that not only Larry was missing his colon but some of his muscles and vertebrae as well. Doctors ensured that everything was done to save this little baby alive and Larry had to withstand more than 100 surgeries.

Against all the odds, now Larry has graduated from high school and celebrated his 19th birthday. Larry’s mother said that there were lot of body part just not there in his body at the time of her son’s birth. She further said that the first years of his life were about putting him back together.

The brave Larry was non-verbal up until he was 3 years old and learned to walk when he was 9. He had willingly detached his feeding tube when he was 15 years old so that he could attend his high school. Larry’s survival is nothing less than a miracle and he has certainly not let his disorder get in the way of enjoying life and taking every single opportunity that comes his way.

It was a dream comes true for Larry when a charitable organisation connected Larry with Michigan football. This was happened at the time when Larry was losing his self-esteem and was feeling low. He told his mother that the organisation treated him just as a regular kid.

Larry has attended every home game and training for the last three years and even made an exceptional friendship with player Chase Winovich.

When Chase was sign up to join the New England Patriots, Larry sent him a text applauding him. Subsequently, Larry and his family got coupons to one of their sports event.

Larry and his family sought to surprise their special friend and player Chase at the game but when they got there they were stunned and taken down the field where Larry got to meet record-breaking National Football League player Tom Brady.

The players see Larry as a great source of inspiration. For them, he is the epitome of no excuses. They appreciate his outlook towards life and proving all doctors wrong and working so hard to do the things that most of us take for granted.

Even to this day, Michigan’s football program remains to have an enormous impression on this daring boy’s life.

Larry got a tour to the Orange Bowl to watch his favourite Wolverines take on Georgia. It was a genuine surprise for him as he had no clue and it turned out to be pretty cool for him. Fatefully, Wolverines lost the final but for Larry, it was an unbelievable trip and a moment he will not going to fail to recall forever.

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